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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcasting center this is abc7 news.
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good morning. 5:01 on this september 11th, 2012, 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks a lot of our coverage will be centered around that. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze the nation is marking the 11th anniversary of the attacks. this is ground zero in lower manhattan where the flag is draped ready for the ceremony. there will be a moment of silence at 5:46, our time that will be the first event this morning. president obama will be attending a ceremony at the pentagon. vice president biden is expected to speak at the flight 93 national memorial near shanksville,
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pennsylvania. into flight was en route to san francisco, when it crashed. in new york city, this time this is different, only relatives will be speaking at today's ceremonies monies. no politicians will be addressing the gathering, -- it is difficult to find peace and quiet time to celebrate my son. >> i think everybody wants to remember 9/11. we need of our privacy too. >> four and a half million people have visited the 9/11 memorial since it opened last year. here in san francisco coit tower lit up in red, white and blue in honor of the fallen. >> the san francisco fire department is inviting the public to its remembrance ceremony. every year all 43 san francisco fire stations holder is monies for those who died on 9/11, special remembering their brothers. a minute of silence observed
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and the names of the 343 new york city firefighters who perished are also read. amy hollyfield is live this morning at station 7, she will have more coming up in our next half hour. switching gears, developing news in san jose, a dozen people were chased out of their homes by an early morning apartment house fire near the intersection of lewis terry mcsweeney is live at the scene. were there any injuries? >> reporter: there were injuries, two people injured taken to the hospital a lot of people very scared some running some jumping for their lives from these apartment buildings at the villa monterey apartments. this is viewer video of what the fire looked like at its peak 3:00 in the morning. five units were involved, three very heavily damaged. two people injured, one with
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second degree burns another jumped from the second story that person appeared to be okay, just taken to the hospital for evaluation. the person with burns needing treatment. one of the dozen or so displaced is a wheelchair-bound man who presented firefighters with special challenges. >> we see flames from the windows, they had to get me downstairs and take my wheelchair and carry me down. >> reporter: firefighters had this fire knocked down by 3:25 it took about half an hour to knock down. 12 people displaced, two injured, taken to the hospital, one with second degree burns. the cause of this fireñ is under investigation. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. drunk driving accident in
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arizona has claimed the life of a college student from san jose. 21-year-old jordan mahoney was riding her bike when she was killed by a hit-and-run driver. she was a 2009 graduate of san jose's presentation high school. police later arrested a 22-year-old woman who faces charges, including vehicular manslaughter. autopsy will be done today on the body of a young lafayette college student found over the weekend in the sacramento river. a fisherman discovered brett olson's body sunday morning. he vanished a week ago. the sheriff believes the cal-poly student drowned, that there was no foul play. his family and friends plan to honor him with a candlelight vigil tonight. it will be at acalanes high -- this morning nadia lockyer has returned to drug rehab
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after answering criminal charges. she appeared in a courtroom yesterday prosecutors claim she was under the of methamphetamine while her 9-year-old son was with her last week. >> i'm extremely happy to be receiving the help that i need. and focusing in on getting healthy and i hope to inspire many, many, many others to do the same. >> the judge will let nadia as her estranged husband bill lockyer is present. the san francisco ethics commission is expected to review transcripts on suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi when it meets today. once the transcripts are delivered to the board of supervisors it will start the clock for the board to decide whether he should be removed from office or allowed to keep his job they will have thirty
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days to decide. last month the ethics commission found he engaged in official misconduct. but did not make any recommendation to the supervisors on his future. the interim chief of the gilroy fire department has resigned after getting caught buying alcohol for a minor. 52-year-old roger bloom was cited for misdemeanor offense friday night as part after undercover sting. agreed to purchase liquor for a 20-year-old working as a decoy for the sheriff's department. usda again buying meat from a slaughter house under investigation for animal cruelty. central valley meat company near fresno has improved oversight for animal welfare has prompted government to resume buying from the company for federal feeding programs. safety inspectors concluded last week there was no evidence of sick cattle after under could have video showed workers kicking and shocking
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downed cattle. san francisco activist has created an online t to counter efforts by grassroots campaign to stop or slow the city's plan to expand parking meter locations. an online petition plans to present toy officials showing not everyone is against more meters. he says he's in favor of the experimental program that manages parking availability/ypx with demand-based pricing. during peak times prices go up. neighborhood groups have come out in opposition to the city's plan. federal appeals court in san francisco has put the city's controversy cell phone warning law on hold. that law would require cell phone dealers post warnings on the devices telling people they put out levels of radiation that could cause cancer. >> the cell phone industry went to court to block the law
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last october. yesterday, the appeals court ruled the city can't force retailers to pass along messages. >> that they dispute. the city deciding whether to appeal. does the weather appeal to you? >> i would have paid a dollar for that weather yesterday. >> what! >> okay a dollar and a quarter. good morning. check out the satellite and radar. radar returns well off to our east where they are going to stay also south second day in a row record rains in southern california could see a repeat of that we'll have a lot of sun except at the coast today, the big difference between yesterday and today, slightly warmer around the bay and inland cooler at the coast because of the extra cloud cover. we start in the 50s this morning, look how quickly we jump to 80 at noon inland. lunchtime mid 50s at the
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coast. mid 80s by 4:00 inland near 80 around the bay and low 60s coast. next three days the warmest in the forecast, low to mid 90s inland valleys, upper 70s to low 80s around the bay, mid 60s to possibly a few 70s out at the coast, a lot more sun there. let's turn it over to sue. good morning. a map of antioch eastbound highway 4, typical, construction ongoing at loveridge diverted off for another 20 minutes then right back on the freeway. westbound drive looking good antioch towards pittsburg on to concord area just under 10 minutes towards highway 242, so far, so good. 101 through marin continues with roadwork northbound at sir francis drake at the overpass, slow traffic southbound past the scene, a lot of machinery on the road for the repaving.
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central valley still good, 15 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin-pleasanton area, a nice drive for you. southbound 101 through san rafael, past freitas parkway towards the civic center light. we have another live shot across the golden gate bridge coming out of the waldo tunnel, traffic nice into san francisco, no delays. 5:11. next how american airlines plans to save fuel by turning to the ipad. mark zuckerberg's first public appearance since facebook's ipo. targeting amtrak why the rail system has become a
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good morning. proof we are not using credit card as much consumer borrowing fell more than a billion dollars in july because of a drop in credit card use that may reflect a lack of confidence in the economy. general motors denied report that it loses $49,000 on each chevy volt that it sells. automaker admits does lose money on the hybrid but not that much analysts say it is not unusual when they first again the market. big tax hike on cigarettes appears to be doing the job u.s.a. reporting huge drop in smoking particularly among
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teens and the poor brought in 30 billion dollars in additional revenue. with apple expected to announce new. phone tomorrow jpmorgan chase say sales could be for the economy. that's america's money. mark zuckerberg will i go his first interview since -- will give his first interview since the public ipo. he will be interviewed on stage and will likely face questions about facebook's direction in the wake of a continuing slide in share prices since the may public offering. twitter and linkedin founders will also speak. san francisco social gaming company that relies heavily on facebook in the news, zynga losing another key executive, the chief marketing and revenue office is leaving,
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shares down 72% since its ipo last december. games played on facebook lose popularity. bay area companies will be filling more than 300 positions during tomorrow's hire event job fair sponsored by abc7 and the job journal on the hotel wickham on market street from noon to 4 p.m. tomorrow. more details on, see it on tv. mitt romney calling for privatized. right now amtrak receives 1.5 billion dollars in federal subsidies among a number of transportation functions that republicans say should be turned over to the private sector. locally the capital corridor service gets most funding from caltrain or caltrans make that so that popular commuter service would not be affected. you've got about four more
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days to buy products from without paying sales tax. saturday the company will begin collecting sales tax from customers part of a deal the company hammered out with governor brown. in exchange amazon will be allowed to build a network of warehouses throughout the state that will allow same-day deliveries. consumers won't be save as much money on lone line. -- as much money online. researchers at stanford and delaware say it is about building more wind farms. they use cutting-edge, 3-d models to conclude there is enough win power where it can be harnessed over land and close to shore. according to the report right now we are only harvesting 1% of the wind power needed to power world with >> some will argue there's
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always a little more wind out there in an election year, i'm not one. >> that's a different kind of wind. >> record warm summer. >> a lot of rhetorical window. >> problem is where to put all those windmills and will it affect the environment, the beauty of the coast? a lot of stu, of course a lot of energy in the atmosphere. we could harness lightning that would be another way just being able to harness it. bull picture coit tower, red, white and blue remembering all those from 11 years ago today. no rain this morning, rather dry outside, let's take about temperatures most of us in the mid to upper 50s, los gatos 51, with santa rosa 49. monterey bay and inland either 53 orvgeíñ 55. today, sunny everywhere except more clouds at the coast than questioned. with warmest days ahead at
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night cool to comfortable temperatures holding in the 50s. today a little above average inland livermore five degrees warmer than average with 90 redwood city 82. oakland 75. napa close one degree cooler 82, san francisco 68, three degrees cooler than average 71 in san francisco for an average high is about as warm as it gets. clouds sneaking up the coast now going to make a right at the golden gate bridge over the next hour and try to push into the bay through 9:00. by noon back to the coast stay stubborn, keeping you in the 50s and 60s, 70s, 80s and some 90s starting to show up in east bay valleys. south bay low to upper 80s, 82 milpitas, 87 los gatos. peninsula low to mid 80s san mateo millbrae upper 70s. half moon bay 64. 62 in daly city. upper 60s downtown and south
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san francisco sausalito 73 mid 80s most of the north bay valleys, low 60s at beaches. east bay shore not very big spread 73 berkeley, inland temperatures upper 80s to antioch, brentwood and livermore cracking 90° today. 81 hollister mid to upper 80s gilroy morgan hill clouds stubborn monterey and carmel, low to mid 60s with pacific grove. tonight clouds along the coast, fog up in the north bay valleys, 48 santa rosa, most of us waking to the 50s. low to mid 90s inland from today through monday. 80s thursday around the bay, hang out there through saturday, warmest days are tomorrow, thursday and friday along the coast we could make it up to 70 with a lot of sun thursday. good morning.
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nice time to head out and get a jump on the commute it is light. eastbound highway 4 roadwork now picked up at loveridge. westbound direction still flowing nicely out of antioch. hopefully that will stick around towards pittsburg seven minute drive into concord. 101 roadwork in the north bay still there sir francis drake repaving project underway, that will be ongoing. southbound the exit is closed until they get the roadwork picked up. drive times 680 through the san ramon valley highway 24 to 580, 24 good to the caldecott tunnel, 101 through marin 10 minute drive heading out now. walnut creek area 680 southbound nice drive towards the 24 junction. 5:21. next, we check your bay
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area baseball scores. rough going for raiders last night. low lights from the tough loss at the coliseum. by son goes on the attack leaving this -- a bison goes on the attack
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning. this is coit tower san francisco landmark lit up in red white and blue to remember the victims of 9/11, 11 years ago today. four aircraft went down crashing into the world trade center, into the pentagon, crashing into a field in
5:25 am
shanksville, pennsylvania. memorials going on in all those places we'll tell you more, coming up. i saw driving in a big banner outside the at&t park with names of the victims. >> let's talk about the giants. they hope to get even with rockies tonight. giants pull within one run rockies' pitcher ends the game. giants lose 6-5 now five games up on the dodgers who were off last night. a's fared better against the angels in los angeles. moss and pennington, homered the a's win 3-1. they've won 10 straight games on the road tying the third longest streak in oakland history. a's are leading the american league wild card race they meet the angels again tonight. raiders are going through a makeover since al davis passed away, new gm, new head
5:26 am
coach against the chargers, same performance. raiders were driving first possession to ingram knocks the ball lose, look at this hit -- ball loose, look at this hit, bang! ball pops loose long night from there --. line back hasn't long snapped since high school -- >> we gotta eliminate the self-inflicted wounds that has hurt news the preseason and obviously hurt us tonight we have to find way to get those things eliminated. >> raiders will try to get back on track against the dolphins.
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harrowing encounter with wildlife at yellowstone national park. a group of young vacationers never thought they would see this. caught on video posted on youtube this group gets dangerously close to a bison. more shocking the adult camera operator encouraged the -- they did it to warn people of the dangers of approaching animals in the park. the boy turned out to be okay. 5:27. next 11 years later the nation pauses to remember the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. this is a live look. from the world trade center site in ground zero in lower manhattan where the towers used to stand take a look at that people lining up there we'll take you live to some of the ceremonies happening this
5:28 am
morning. >> how bay area firefighters are paying tribute to their fallen colleagues in new york city. >> federal judge's warning for oakland mayor quan. what he's ordering her to do. temperatures slightly cooler at the coast about the same to slightly warmer around the bay and inland 90s around antioch and live more, 68 in san francisco, 75 oakland, 84 san jose, fall cool weather, seattle, great falls, boston, 60s, 70s new york washington, d.c. portland 80s and 90s elsewhere major airports, laguardia departure delays. baltimore arrival delays. to the west with all the rain still lingering from yesterday all airports on time. all airports on time. flight i'm a professional stylist
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. the 11th anniversary of 9/11, thanks for being here i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. this morning america remembers
5:32 am
a scar on our history 11th anniversary of 9/11 that claimed more than 3,000 lives on u.s. sail. katie marzullo begins team coverage. the first moment -- first moment of silence shortly. >> reporter: just in 15 minutes or less there are a lot of heavy hearts today as the nation remembers this horrific day. first live to new york city and ground zero. the ceremony there is going to be unique this year, only relatives will read the names of the 2977 victims who were killed there, government officials will not be speaking at ground zero today. family members say they appreciate that and need their privacy. four and a half million people have visited the memorial at world trade center since it opened last year. nearby, the new 1 world trade center stands tall in lower manhattan. >> the progress and the
5:33 am
momentum at 1 world trade center and the entire site is a testimony to the region's resilience and resurgence. >> reporter: president obama and the first lady will observe a moment of silence 5:467 at the white house before going to a ceremony at the pentagon. vice president biden is expected to speak at the flight 93 national memorial near shanksville, pennsylvania. 40 people were killed on that flight which was bound for san francisco, six were from the bay area. katie marzullo, abc7 news. there are local remember brands today, san francisco's coit tower is glowing red, white and blue today to pay tribute. live look at the iconic tower you see the colors. it was built on telegraph hill in 1931 to honor the city's firefighters, but since 9/11 it has been lit up on the anniversarys to honor the
5:34 am
fallen and reflect on the american resilience. amy hollyfield is live at one bay area fire station where an event will be getting underway in an hour. we'll catch up with her in this half hour. other news now, milpitas police investigating their first homicide of the year at the 7-eleven store on north milpitas boulevard early saturday, two blocks from the police department. an employee was shot and killed during a robbery. he's now identified as 67-year-old, murders are rare in milpitas. neighbors say they are shocked to learn he was shot after the three masked robbers got the money from the cash register. >> my daughter goes to school here. her mom up here. she loves it here. and she wants my daughter to go to school here too so this is very shocking. >> flowers have been left outside the store. police say all detectives are working on this case. they won't talk about evidence. but likely they are going over
5:35 am
surveillance video. funeral services will be held thursday morning in vacaville for highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom, the chp officer fatally shot during a traffic stop last week in alamo. highway patrol motorcade escorted the officer's bed from martinez yesterday to a funeral home. along the route, it was saluted by firefighters, local law enforcement and members of the public. as the procession approached the mortuary, chp helicopter did a fly-by tribute, honor guard escorted the casket into the funeral home. services scheduled for 10 a.m. at mission church in vacaville, they are closed to the public. 5:35. a lot going on today, wondering how the weather will be. let's talk about what is going on. good morning here's satellite
5:36 am
specifically water vapor deeper greens to our east monsoon flow bringing a lot of moisture, thunderstorms and flooding to our south and east. a little orange this curl is an area of low pressure going to bring that southerly surge to the coast and grab low clouds to our south and put them along the coast this afternoon, don't expect to see as much sunshine, temperatures maybe a degree or two cooler there. bay and inland the same if not a degree or two warmer biggest jump in temperatures tomorrow, thursday and friday 50s right now, mid 80s by 4:00 inland, upper 70s around the bay and low 60s at the coast. next three days, warmest in the forecast, mid 60s to near 70 long the coast, upper 70s to low 80s around the bay and low to mid 90s inland warmest days thursday and friday. hope you have a good one. here's sue. first reports of an accident live shot of the bay
5:37 am
bridge toll everything is moving smoothly here the accident is in the san ramon valley pleasanton dublin area westbound 580 past -- possibly blocking a lane, chp en route. traffic not too slow past the scene we'll monitor that, slowing past the altamont pass into livermore westbound 580, we'll be following that for you. through walnut creek southbound 680 moving nicely, a few brake lights towards the 24 junction southbound to 580 junction is nice drive for new morning, no problems. the bay bridge toll live look metering lights off, traffic flowing nicely into san francisco. 5:37. coming up next, a celebration of graffiti that went too far. east bay businesses cleaning up after vandals
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creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. ♪ nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. now try our new crunchy dark chocolate peanut butter bar. good morning. berkeley police investigating tagging of 13 builds last weekend part of phraeufpb to celebrate graffiti that went wrong. vacant warehouse about to be renovated for the past 10 years it has been a tagging
5:41 am
spot. new owner decided to invite artists in for one last hurrah, unfortunately four thousand people showed up causing vandalism and property damage. forecasting onshore flow in southern california people hope that will push that rotten egg smell hovering over the southern part of the state out of area. experts believe the source of the smell is the sea 150 miles southeast of los angeles, contents stirred releasing bacteria from the sea floor wafting over the southland, causing complaints. 5:41. next, all eyes on apple, ahead of its anticipated iphone 5 release. bloomberg business report is next. moment of silence set to take place as part of the nation's tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks.
5:42 am
we'll take you to the morning ceremonies right now you are looking live at the white house, marines standing in tribute there. >> more than a dozen lifeguards land in hot water. why the viral gum style
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welcome back. it is september 11th, 2012, today the nation observes the anniversary with a moment of silence, there will be six. >> you are looking at live pictures of the white house, honor guard from the various services line-up there, army, navy, marine corps, coast guard, that doorway we presume president obama will come out from that door for observances at the white house for the victims of the 9/11 attack. >> it going to happen at 5:46, coming up in 30 seconds. that is the time when the first plane flew into one of the world trade center buildings. here comes president obama and the first lady. >> that moment of silence is 20 second as way again, observances at ground zero, here in washington, d.c. and in shanksville, pen where flight nine the one bound for san francisco, from newark,
5:46 am
crashed because the passengers took on the hijackers there. you see the president and mrs. obama there walking up to the area where they will observe the moment of silence.
5:47 am
5:48 am
were you watching president obama and first lady michelle obama at the white house observing that moment of silence. right now this is a live picture from new york city at ground zero where a memorial is getting underway right now as well there. you are looking at some of the family members of the victims this year what is unique is that just the family members will be reading names at the ceremony in remembrance. the world trade center the scene of the most massive losses nearly 3,000 americans lost their lives when the two towers fell. this year there will be no speeches at the site. at the national september 11th,
5:49 am
memorial plaza from politicians, nothing political this year, just the family victims, you can see they are holding up pictures of their loved ones who died 11 years ago. they have a moment of silence here as well. there will be six, two to mark the times that each plane hit the towers, two to mark the time each tower fell and to mark the moments of attacks on the pentagon on flight 93. >> you saw the president, the first family he will head to virginia for a memorial at the pentagon some of the honor guard we saw lost colleagues in the attack on the pentagon 11 years ago. we'll have more on the ceremonies, local and national for the 9/11 attacks honoring the victims of that, coming up. other news now. in a couple of hours the san francisco fire department will be honoring their east coast colleagues who died on september 11th. the public is invited.
5:50 am
amy hollyfield is live at station 7 to tell us how we can take part. >> reporter: san francisco fires say they can't imagine the pain of losing -- firefighters say they can't imagine lose the pain of losing 344 members of their department in one day so they gather every year to remember this is what you see if you stop by one of your local fire stations today here in san francisco they gather to remember those who went down trying to save people from the burning towers. you're welcome to attend. you will see this at all 43 san francisco fire stations they will ring the bell in memory of the collapse of the south tower and read the name as loud of all 343 firefighters and paramedics who died this will start at 6:45 this morning. at station 7 the chief and mayor will participate in the remembrance. about a dozen san francisco firefighters went to new york to help after the attacks. some of them say they are still haunted by the memories
5:51 am
of what they saw in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. thank you. 5:51. just a few clouds this morning. nothing major, less than yesterday looks like. >> absolutely along the coast where they are starting to develop they will continue to develop there cooler today the rest of us a little warmer. coit tower remember what happened 11 years ago just a few minutes ago red, white and blue, love those colors, don't you? live doppler 7 hd so caught up watching the service, forgot to start computer, sorry about that. satellite radar dry for your morning commute, 49 santa rosa the rest of us mid to upper 50s, 55 monterey bay and inland. today sunshine except at the coast with clouds there, good
5:52 am
news warmest day as us, still cool and comfortable at night temperatures dropping into the 50s, really going to help temper this almost heatwave we have coming especially inland concord one degree warmer than yesterday at 89, san francisco, 68. santa rosa 86 same as yesterday oakland 75 one degree cooler. south bay 82, peninsula today mid to upper 70s millbrae and san mateo, everybody else low to mid 80s. low to mid 60s coast, 63 sunset, mainly mid 80s north bay valleys, upper 50s to low 60s beaches. mid to upper 70s east bay shore. upper 80s to low 90s east bay valleys, first day to see 90s. 80s morgan hill, gilroy,
5:53 am
hollister, upper 60s to low 70s most of the monterey bay. tonight clouds along the coast fog in the north bay with 48 in santa rosa, most temperatures in the 50s. two to four degrees warmer tomorrow, again thursday and the heat will peak thursday at the coast upper 60s to low 70s, heat will peak thursday, friday around the bay low 80s, heat peaks thursday through saturday inland with low to mid 90s cooler next week still a little above average for this time of the year. live now to walnut creek southbound 680 past north main on towards highway 24 good shape this morning no delays all the way down to the san ramon valley southbound on 680, northbound too. toll plaza minor delay for cash paying folks headed into san francisco no -- no
5:54 am
metering lights yet. good news 580 had an earlier accident now cleared. you will find a little ripple effect with slow traffic bagging past fast has slow from the central -- central valley up and over the altamont pass. very own terry mcsweeney in san jose tells me the almaden expressway we have a car vs. pole and power outage in that vicinity. apple's new iphone 5 release could mean good news for the nation's economy. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. economist says release of new iphone could add up to half percentage point of 4th quarter economic growth apple expected to unveil new iphone
5:55 am
with bigger screen. watch for a drop in e-book prices harpercollins reaching day deal with amazon and other e-commerce companies that allows e-books to be sold at a discount after the government accused e-book publishers of price-fixing. don't count on job picture to get better before the end of the year, 72% companies plan to keep headcount the same. as for trading, lower close for stocks yesterday on concern about debt problems in greece. don't believe everything you hear about how to get rid of bedbugs or head lice, ftc says there is no evidence ingredients in best yet can deal with the problem. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. katie couric's new afternoon show kicked to have to an exciting start
5:56 am
yesterday. today she will sit down with amy copeland the 24-year-old student who lost parts of her limbs to flesh-eating bacteria. then a spin with danica patrick all of that at 3 p.m. on abc7. general hospital airs at 1 p.m.. 2:00, who wants to be a millionaire, jeopardy 2:30. don't miss katie at 3:00, followed by abc7 news at 4:00. if you watched the morning news yesterday we were talking about the latest dance craze inspired by the style dance video now it has -- inspired by the gum number style dance video how -- now it has gotten lifeguards in trouble. 14 were fired after they filmed a parody of the video
5:57 am
at a city owned aquatic center the city says they violated a contract by using city property for private use. the lifeguards have started an online petition calling for the city to change their minds. 5:57. our coverage of 9/11 anniversary continues at 6 a.m. with a ceremony getting underway at ground zero. two people injured following an overnight apartment fire in the south bay the daring action one person made to escape the flames. michael finney with what you need to do to protect computers and [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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